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Child Custody and Recognition in Glendale

Child Custody and Recognition in Glendale CA

When going through a divorce in Glendale, the well-being and safety of children is of high-priority, and we will ensure that agreements are reached to serve the child’s best interest. We are ready to use our extensive experience in California family law to assist and guide you with all your child custody and visitation needs.

Understanding the Various Kinds of Custody in Glendale

To better understand the categories of custody and visitations available, it is imperative to have the foreknowledge concerning the legal terminologies used by the experts. In the state of California, legal and physical custody issues may be resolved by an agreement or through mediation. We first aim to reach an agreement between both parties, however, if an agreement cannot be reached, we will move forward to litigate the matter to achieve the best possible outcome. Additionally, the court may rule on either joint or full custody agreements and decide upon visitation rights of either party.

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